To be, to have, to do, to go in French (Fle A1)

Publié le 9 Octobre 2008

Most of French verbs are regular. That means, they follow the pattern we've seen here ; How to conjugate a French verb / conjuguer un verbe (Fle A1)

 Some verbs are irregular; you just have to learn them.

Unfortunately, four important verbs -to be, to have, to do and to go- are irregular.

Start to learn!



Etre = to be

Je suis = I am

Tu es = you are (informal)

Il est = he is

Elle_est = she is

Nous sommes = we are

Vous_êtes = you are (formal)

Ils sont = they are (men or mixed group)

Elles sont = they are (girls only!)





Avoir = to have

j'ai = I have
tu as = you have
il_a = he has
elle_a = she has
nous_avons = we have
vous_avez = you have
ils_ont = they have (male)
elles_ont = they have (female)


Faire - to do/to make

Je fais = I do/make

Tu fais = you do/make

Il fait = he does/ makes

Elle fait =she does/ makes

Nous faisons = we do/ make

Vous faites = you do/ make

Ils font = they do/ make

Elles font = they do/ make


Aller = to go
Je vais = I go
Tu vas = you o
Il va = he goes
Elle va = she goes
Nous_allons = we go
Vous_allez = you go
Ils vont = they go
Elles vont = they go

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