My first French verbs - but what is a verb?? (Fle A1)

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In English, it is easy to recognise what a verb is; they all start with "to". To eat, to speak, to live etc.

So, when you say "I like Paris", like is the verb, because in the dictionary, you'll find it as "to like".

The tourists are visiting a museum. Verb; to visit.

The teacher will explain slowly. Verb; to explain.

The students just understood. Verb; to understand.


In French, we don't have something like "to", so it is less easy to recognise verbs. But they do have a pattern. Most of them finish in "er".

Here are your first French verbs;

Habiter ; to live (think of the shop "habitat" to remember that verb).

J'habite à Paris = I live in Paris.

Vous habitez à Londres ? = Do you live in London? (You can also change the order of words and say "Habitez-vous à Londres ?" This is more formal).


Parler ; to speak

Je parle français = I speak French.

Vous parlez anglais ? Parlez-vous anglais ? = Do you speak English?


Etudier ; to study

J'étudie le français = I study French. It can also mean "I'm studying French" because there isn't a difference in French between "I watch" or "I'm watching". All verbs are "I do", "I eat", "I go". The context makes the difference.


Travailler ; to work

Je travaille à Londres = I work in London.

Vous travaillez à Londres ? Travaillez-vous a Londres ? = Do you work in London? 


Aimer ; to like

J'aime les fromages français = I like French cheeses.

Vous aimez les gâteaux français ? Aimez-vous les gâteaux français ? = do you like French cakes?


As you can see, all these verbs are regular (regular means that they follow a pattern).

There is a very long list of regular verbs which are quite similar to english. Such as;

Danser ; to dance

Diner ; to dine, to have diner

Préférer ; to prefer

Visiter ; to visit



Also, you can guess the meaning of many verbs such as;

Cuisiner ; to cook (from the word "cuisine")

Manger ; to eat ("pret-à-manger" means ready to eat)

Terminer ; to finish (like terminus = last stop)



And remember that many english verbs come from latin or old French. So, if you know your English classics, you'll have fun to recognise verbs.


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