My first conversation in French / présentations - French beginner (Fle A1)

Publié le 2 Octobre 2008

1) Comment vous vous_appelez ?

Je m'appelle Marie, et vous?

Je m'appelle Peter, enchanté. 

Verbe ; s'appeler = to call oneself.

How do you call yourself / what's your name?

I call myself Marie / My name is Marie, and you?

My name is Peter, pleased to meet you.


2) Quelle est votre profession ?

Je suis secrétaire, et vous?

Je suis journaliste.

What is your profession? (The endings change if you are a female. Check here; Les professions (Fle A1) )

I am a secretary (Note that in French you say "I am secretary"), and you?

I am a journalist.


3) Quelle est votre nationalité ?

Je suis_Espagnole, et vous ?

Je suis_Américain.

What is you nationality? (the endings change if you are a female. Check here; Les nationalités - débutant (Fle A1) )

Note that here the first speaker is a female (you had an "e"), the second one is a male speaker.

I'm Spanish

I'm American.


4) Vous_êtes mariée ?

Oui, je suis mariée. Et vous ?

Non, je ne suis pas marié, je suis célibataire. Mais j'ai une petite amie, elle est Française. Elle s'appelle Amélie.

Are you married? (here speaking to a female, so you add an extra "e", which isn't pronounced).

Yes, I am married. And you?

No, I am not (Note that for negative in French, you put "ne" before and "pas" after the word), I am single. But I have a girlfriend (Litterally "a little friend"). She is French. She calls herself Amelie/her name is Amelie.


5) Où vous_habitez ?

J'habite à Paris. Et vous ?

J'habite à Nice.

Excellent, J'adore Nice !

Where do you live?

I live in Paris (be careful not to pronounce the "h" like je Habite. It's all together; jabit). And you?

I live in Nice.

Excellent, I love Nice!


Les verbes;

S'appeler (to call oneself)

Je m'appelle = my name is...

Tu t'appelles = your name is (informal way of speaking like with friends or to children)

Il s'appelle = his name is...

Elle s'appelle = her name is...

Vous vous_appelez = your name is (formal way of speaking). Note that the prononciation is different here. All the others stress on the "l" but here it is on the "e".


Être (to be)

Je suis = I am / Je ne suis pas = I'm not

Tu es = you are (informal) / Tu n'es pas = you're not

Il est = he is / Il n'est pas = he isn't

Elle est = she is / Elle n'est pas = she isn't

Vous_êtes = you are (formal) / Vous n'êtes pas = you aren't


Habiter (to live. Never pronounce the "h")

J'habite = I live /Je n'habite pas 

Tu habites = you live (informal) /Tu n'habites pas 

Il habite = he lives / Il n'habite pas 

Elle habite = she lives /Elle n'habite pas 

Vous_habitez = you live (formal) /Vous n'habitez pas 


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