La prononciation française - tips on French pronunciation (Fle A1)

Publié le 26 Septembre 2013

Une vidéo intéressante pour la prononciation française : pardon, c'est en Anglais !
Here is an interesting video to help you with French pronunciation. It's in English.
To start with, Kylie explains a bit quickly that consonants in French are very much the same as in English when they are pronounced in a word. So don't worry about them.
Then, she says that consonants at the end of words are usually not pronounced, which is confusing for beginners! My tip is that we tend to pronounce these letters;
C (parc - a famous exception is "blanc" ; we don't pronunce the c in that word)
R (bonjour)
F (sportif)
L (animal)
So, remember, don't pronunce the last letter of words except C, R, F, L. To remember these letters think of the word CAREFUL.
Then, she talks about our vowels, A, E, I, O and U, which indeed are very short in French.
She explains the difference between e, é and è. Don't worry if you can't hear the difference between é and è. There are different regional accents in France, like in any country, so if you can't say these letters perfectly you'll still be understood.
What is important though is, as we said before, don't pronunce letters at the end of word but when an extra "e" is added, when talking about women or something feminine, we suddenly do pronunce the consonants! Sorry to be so confusing! So, "petit" means small. Don't pronunce the "t". When a girl is small, you say she is "petite". You don't pronunce the "e" but you do pronunce the "t"....
Then she gives a lot of useful tips until she says that "en/an" and "on" are pronunced the same. Well, not exactly true... But beginners don't worry too much, we still understand you!
Then again, numerous useful tips. You may need to watch this video many times!
Hope this was useful.

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