Days of the week in French / les jours de la semaine - French beginner (Fle A1)

Publié le 7 Octobre 2008

La semaine = the week

Lundi = Monday

Mardi = Tuesday

Mercredi = Wednesday

Jeudi = Thursday

Vendredi = Friday


Le week end

Samedi = Saturday

Dimanche = Sunday


In French, we don't put capital letters for the days of the week and months. So, we write;

Je vais au parc dimanche = I go to the parc on Sunday.

Note that we don't say "on" Sunday but just "Sunday".


Also, if you say mardi, or jeudi, or samedi, that refers to a specific day. If you want to say every mardi or "on Tuesdays", say "the Tuesday".

Je vais a la gym le dimanche = I go to the gym on Sundays.

Le lundi = every Monday, on Mondays

Le mardi

Le mercredi


Le week end = on week ends.

But say "pendant la semaine" = during the week.


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